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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safe Natural Therahaler O2 Gold

Welcome to Magnetic Air and the global introduction of Therahaler O2Gold, a Natural, Safe Magnetically Charged Inhaler that offers many Health, Wellness, Sport and Beauty benefits.
Our body’s functions depend on Oxygen & Magnetic energy to operate continuously at optimum efficiency.

Therahaler O2Gold is a patented (2003/8651) magnetically charged inhaler that delivers essential magnetically charged oxygen directly to the lungs. This accelerates the absorption of oxygen into the blood stream, enhancing the efficiency of the Nervous, Cardiovascular and Musculo-Skeletal systems.
Consider some of the benefits of Therahaler O2Gold. 

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