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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simple to Use

The Therahaler O2Gold inhaler is simple to use. If you are an asthmatic and want to use Therahaler O2Gold to help control your asthma then an intensive 8 week regimen of using the inhaler 25 times a day is necessary,. thereafter a normal maintenance program of 2 to 4 times a day is all that is required. The inhaler should be used every half hour or 25 times consecutively allowing for a 2 min break between the end of the day.
This is not a recommendation or invitation to replace or cease using your prescribed asthma inhaler or medication.without first consulting your medical practitioner.

For best results Therahaler O2Gold for sports persons require an initial intensive period of 4 weeks inhaling 25 times per day every half or 25 times consecutively at the end of each day allowing a 2 minute break between inhalations. Thereafter a maintenance program of at least twice a day is sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Therahaler O2Gold is an ideal completely natural Health and Beauty supplement with no known side effects; and can be used by anyone simply wanting to improve their quality of life and experience a renewed vitality, increased energy and numerous other benefits. The initial regimen is the same as for sports persons with an intensive 4 week period of inhaling 25 times per day every 30 minutes or 25 times consecutively at the end of the day allowing for a 2 minute interval between inhalations

As with all medical and exercise requirements Therahaler O2Gold should be used correctly and at the prescribed times to gain the maximum benefit.

Exhale - Breathe Out.
Expel all the old air from your lungs.

Inhale - Breathe in

Take as deep a breath as you can through the Therahaler O2Gold inhaler

Remove the inhaler from your mouth.
Hold your breath for as long as you can allowing the oxygen to permeate your lungs.
Time yourself to see how long you can hold your breath on the first inhalation.

Exhale- Breathe Out.
Record the length of time you were able to hold your breath once a week.
You should see a steady increase in the amount of time you can hold your breath week by week. 

For obvious Health reasons the use of this device should be limited to one person per inhaler, Do not share your inhaler with anyone else. Replace the cap on the inhaler when not in use.

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