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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Safe Natural Therahaler O2 Gold

Welcome to Magnetic Air and the global introduction of Therahaler O2Gold, a Natural, Safe Magnetically Charged Inhaler that offers many Health, Wellness, Sport and Beauty benefits.
Our body’s functions depend on Oxygen & Magnetic energy to operate continuously at optimum efficiency.

Therahaler O2Gold is a patented (2003/8651) magnetically charged inhaler that delivers essential magnetically charged oxygen directly to the lungs. This accelerates the absorption of oxygen into the blood stream, enhancing the efficiency of the Nervous, Cardiovascular and Musculo-Skeletal systems.
Consider some of the benefits of Therahaler O2Gold. 

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Benefits of Therahaler O2Gold


 Nervous System
Central Nervous SystemAltered Mood State
Central effect on Brain
Increased Dopamine
Decreased Melatonin
Increased Thyroid Stimulating Hormone
Reducing perceived Pain and discomfort
Peripheral Nervous SystemAltered action potential & excitatory Post synaptic Potential.
Enhanced Nerve Excitability

Musculo-Skeletal System
Muscle SystemEffect on Muscle repair following Exercise
Altered Muscle cell morphology
Increased Myosin Light Chain Kinase
CollagenIncreased Fibroblasts
Increased Fibril Orientation
Increase Type 1 Collagen
BoneIncreased Osteopontin
Early Release of transforming Growth Factor Beta 1
Altered Osteoblast Orientation
Increased alignment, size & crystallinity of Hydroxyappetite Brian crystals
Osteoblast & Fibroblast Growth & maturation
Increased Bone Mineral Density

Musculo-Skeletal System
HaemotologicalIncreased Haemoglobin Concentration
Increased Haematocrit
Altered Erythrocyte Orientation
Micro-vascularNormalizing arteriolar Tone
Decreased Skin Flow
VascularIncreased Baroreceptor Response
Catecholamine Stabilization
HeartBradycardia & Decreased Sinus Arrythmia

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Magnetic Induction Test using Therahaler O2 Gold



392.5±0.466392.5 ±
4.5Min314.4 ±
363.7 ±
264.6±0.0115264.6 ±
9.5 Min137.2±
226.4 ±.0218226.4 ±





Summarized extract from *a double blind placebo controlled clinical trial to test the effects of magnetic induction of inhaled oxygen on athletic performance.

Reference: The dissertation prepared by Dr. Craig Roberts Ref. RBRCRA002 towards the requirement for the Master of Philosophy degree in: SPORTS MEDICINE (Phil sm) awarded by the university of Cape Town in September 2007.

Bryan Speight: The inventor of O2Gold.
Professor Martin Schwellnus course convener and and thesis preparation.
Dr. Andre Bosch: Adviser and assistant in preparation of thesis.
Dr. Andrew McKune: Facility provider at the exercise laboratory at Polokwane University in Pretoria and conducting studies.
Dr. Glenda Matthews: Statistical Analysis and Results Interpretation.
Mr. Allison Roberts Study coordinator and subject compliance monitor.

A multi-center double blind placebo controlled trial of 130 healthy subjects was conducted. Following a baseline maximal cycle test, the subjects were randomly allocated devices.
Refer: (Placebo group issued with non magnetic devices)
2nd: Denotes the group issued the magnetic device.

The subjects were required to use the device every 30 minutes whilst awake. They were tested after 2 weeks.
Measures of outcome were: Peak Power Output (PPO)
Exercise time to exhaustion, Heart rate Response, Rating of perceived exertion (RPE)  and visual analogue of of performance enhancement.

Subjects documented their training volume and intensity as well as daily usage of the device. There was no significant difference in these parameters between the groups over a 4 week test period.

After 2 weeks there no significant difference from the baseline results, however, after 4 weeks use, there was a significant 13.78% increase in the PPO of the 2nd group compared to a 6.9% increase in the Placebo group.

Interestingly there was significant improvement in the mean exercise time to exhaustion. The 2nd group was 85 seconds whilst the placebo group had improved by 53 seconds. The 2nd group achieved a significant reduction in their heart rate after 4.5 minutes and 7 minute baseline. After 4 weeks they showed a reduction in the RPE at 9.5 minutes

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saftey of Therahaler O2Gold

Therahaler O2 GOLD was taken to Professor Terry Doyle (School of Physics, University of KwaZulu Natal, South Africa) for assessment regarding the possible productions of free radicals - He gave it a clean bill of health - his letter below.

School of Pure and applied Physics
University of Natal
Durban, South Africa 4041
Telephone +27(31) 260-2775/6
Fax +27(31) 261-6550

To whom it may concern Dear Sir/Madam IONIZATION 0F OXYGEN/NITROGEN MOLECULES AT NTP IN MODERATE MAGNETIC FIELDS This is to confirm my considered opinion, based on calculations of the appropriate energies involved, that the probability of the ionization of oxygen or nitrogen molecules ( i.e. the formation of free radicals) at normal temperature and pressure, when in magnetic fields of order/less than I T (i.e. typical fields at the surface of permanent magnets) is vanishingly small.
Yours faithfully,
Prof Terence B. Doyle.
Head of School.

Risk on sick patients
Dr. Mike Van Der Linden, well know Pulmologist, tested Therahaler 
O2 GOLD for safety on 45 Asthmatic Patients over a four month period. He found that Therahaler O2 GOLD was completely safe - Not one adverse reaction, He also found that 62% of the patients showed significant improvement in quality of life, reduction in medication, more physical activity and better breathing. 20% of the patients showed moderate improvements and 18% sowed little or no improvement.

"I believe that Therahaler O2 GOLD has proven to be a positive adjunct therapy .... without any side effects and does seem to result in a significant improvement in the patients quality of life."

Dr. M.D. Van Der Linden
M.B. B.Ch. (WITS) AvMed. (LAM) FCP (SA)
Specialist Physician and Pulmologist
Conclusion: Therahaler O2 GOLD does not utilise any Medicine or ingested agent but directly energises inhaled atmospheric oxygen with Bio-Magnetic energy, Thus enhancing blood oxygen levels in a completely safe and natural manner. Therahaler O2 GOLD may be used by people of all ages, under all medical conditions.

Blood Oxygen Improvement Level Test using Therahaler O2Gold

Blood samples were taken from 7 trialists at the start and various parameters measured- the most important being Oxy-hemoglobin, PO2 and PC02 levels. The trialists were required to breathe continuously through the Therahaler O2Gold device for a 2 hour period and the blood parameters again noted.

They were then instructed to inhale air through the Therahaler O2Gold device, fill their lungs to full capacity, hold their breath for as long as comfortably possible, then exhale.

This procedure to be repeated every 30 min from 6 am to 9pm. (Trialists were assisted by an inbuilt timer) Blood samples were again taken after 14 days and 28 days from the commencement of the tests and blood parameters again noted.

ParameterCommencement (Before Therahaler)Average ReadingAfter 2 Hours(continuous use) Average ReadingAfter 2 Weeks(every 30 Min) Average ReadingAfter 4 Weeks (Every 30 min) Average Reading
P C0239.5039.838.3639.68


The objective of the two tests was to investigate TRENDS to gain a better understanding of how O2Golds magnetic field impacts blood physiology. We found the following:

This showed a steady, incrimental increase from a starting average of 93.69% to 94.75% four weeks later. There can be no doubt that the magnetic field induces a better bonding of the oxygen to the hemoglobin, but the question remains to be answered... after what period of therapy doe the absorbtion level out.

PO2 Levels:
The test reveals a slight drop in PO2 levels over the 4 week period, but the readings are rather erratic and conclusions are difficult to formulate.

PCO2 Levels:
Over the 4 week test the levels remain almost constant, indicating that oxy-hemoglobin levels are not as a result of hyper-ventilation which supports the hypothesis that the magnetic field has induced an improved magnetic attraction between the inhaled oxygen and the hemoglobin.

Hemoglobin concentration G/dl:
Here, rather surprisingly, we found small but steady incremental increases in hemoglobin concentration from 15.33 to 15.83. Normally when the oxy-hemoglobin levels increase the hemoglobin levels decrease. One can only speculate that the magnetic factor also is instrumental in raising both parameters, and in doing so, further increases the body's ability to distribute oxygen to all the tissues.organs in greater quantities.


O2Gold does improve oxygen levels without significantly disturbing the blood C02 levels, indicating that improvement in oxygen levels are due to the influence of the magnetic induction principle rather than hyperventilation.

School of Mathematical & Statistical Sciences
|Durban 4001 South Africa
Mathematics Telephone +27 (0)31 2603001/1
Facsimilie +27(0)31 2602362
Statistical Sciences +27(0)31 2603011
Facsimilie +27(0)31 2601009


1. a paired t-test was done on the pre/post tests run on 19 Sept for the variables O2Hb, PO2, PCO2, ctHb, CoGb, and MetHb to investigate whether there was an short-term effect on the variables. The results are summarized in Table 1
Table 1 

The variable COHb shows a significant result at a 10% level of significance (t6 = -2.025, P=0.0893).

A repeated measured analysis was then performed on the pre reading taken on 19 September, the reading on 6 October and 20 October to investigate whether there is any change in the means across time. The results are summarised in Table 2.

Table 2


From the table it is evident that the CD3 and CD4 counts show a significant difference in means across the 3 time periods at a 5% level of significance.Furthermore the variable O2Hb is almost as significant at the 5% level giving an indication that there is a significant change in the means across time.

Comment on missing data aspect
  • Combined all nine variables taken at the various times, across all seven observational units into 1 data set (consisting of 33 recorded variables)
  • The Data Augmentation (DA) Algorithm (Tanner & Wong 1987) was then run using PROC MI (SAS Version 8.2), by utilizing starting values obtained from the Expectation-Maximisation (EM) Algorithm (Dempster, Laird & Rubin 1977), once the DA algorithm had converged, five `complete’ data sets were formed by imputing values, via Multiple Imputation, for the missing data values
  • PROC GLM was then used on each complete data set, on each different variable, across all time readings, to determine whether there were any significant differences between the means at the different times.  
Dr Glenda Matthews (Ph.D. University of Pretoria)
School of Mathematical and Statistical Sciences
University of Natal

Dempster, A.P., Laird, N.M. & Rubin, D.B. 1977, `Maximum likelihood from incomplete data via the EM algorithm (with discussion)’. Journal of the Royal Statistical Society B, 39, pp.1-38.
Rubin, D.B. 1987, Multiple imputation for nonresponse in surveys, John Wiley & Sons, New York.

Tanner, M.A. & Wong, W.H. 1987, `The calculation of posterior distributions by data augmentation (with discussion)’, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 82, pp.528-550.

Analysis done by Mrs Fay Hosking and Dr GB Matthews, University of Natal.

Thus it can be seen that all benefits are directly attributable the the almost 5% increase in blood oxygen levels

Rugby Performance Test using Therahaler O2 Gold

Dr.Craig Roberts tested the effects of Therahaler o2Gold on his 28 man top level Rugby Squad. (8 were given active Therahaler O2Gold)

The squad was subjected to the same fitnes/exercise regimin for 4 weeks and fitness levels were monitored using the internationally recognised Bleep Test Method.The Therahaler O2Gold players showed an improvement of 24.44% in fitness and performance whilst the non O2Gold Players showed an improvement of 14.29% over the 4 week period. 

In this test the Therahaler users showed a 10.74% improvement in fitness levels over the non O2Gold users.

Rest And Recovery Test on Therahaler O2 Gold

Angus Ryans HBR and Recovery Rate Test   
A pilot trial was conducted by Angus Ryan - a Biokinetisist.

The trialists were selected from a group of athletes with the sane training schedules. The group was split with 30% of the receiving Placebo Devices and 70% Active Therahaler O2 Gold Devices. The instructions werre that the trialists would use the device every 30 minutes whilst awake for 4 weeks while continuing with their normal training regimin. A tandard 15 minute cycle was conducted at the beginning of each trial and again after 4 weeks.

As can be seen from the above the atletes using the Therahaler O2 Gold inhaler experienced better recovery times than the athletes using the inactive placebo 

Therahaler O2 GOLD and Sport

Love it or hate it, sport is an intergral part of our social fabric, enjoyed by millions of people as either supporters or participants in hundreds of different sporting disciplines.

Dating back to ancient times, sport has been a testiment to human achievement and endurance by athletes continually striving to become faster, stronger,more agile and better than their competitors.

Tens of billions of dollars are spent on equipment, clothing, advertising, sponsorships, television, travel and supplements in the sporting industry annualy. Top sports achievers strive for lucrative sponsorship deals and many rank among the worlds top earners, raking, in millions per annum.

Modern day sportsmen encounter enormous demands in this highly competitive, lucrative arena to constantly train, compete and function at optimal levels in order to maintain their status and ranking. The prevalence of dangerous performance enhancing drugs (doping) is much more widespread in both amateur and professional sport than most people are aware.

Dating back centuries and across many cultures, various anecdotes have been used to enhance and improve athletic ability, strength, speed and endurance. Since the 1930's the use of amphetamines, anabolic steriods and growth hormones have spread from school gymns and fitness centers to the playing fields of the Olympic Games.

Athletes from many sporting disciplines are tempted from a young age to start using performance enhancing drugs by unscrupulous coaches, peers and fellow athletes without reguard to the side effects and future health risks posed by the use of these drugs.

With a good safe natural alternatives like Therahaler O2Gold, gambling with your health and the risk of being branded a cheat by doping with banned substances should not be a consideration.

Our body functions depend on Oxygen and Magnetic Energy to operate at optimim efficiency which can be achieved by using the Therahaler O2 Gold inhaler. When air is breathed through the inhaler, the oxygen develops a magnetic charge which is drawn into the lungs. This accelerates the absorbtion rate of the oxygen into the blood stream and the magnetic charge is pulsed through the entire body thus improving the efficiency of the musculo skeletal system.

This superior transfer of oxygen through the Therahaler O2Gold inhaler is beneficial to the bodies anerobic energy system, allowing for the more efficient removal of residual exercised induced waste like lactic acid. This improves the athletes rate of recovery and reduces the risk of injury from over training.  This shorter recovery period allows the athlete to return to competition sooner.

Fast complete recovery is a major element, vital to improving athletic performance which means shorter periods of inactivity after a competition. This in turn leads to more frequent more productive training sessions; thus allowing the athlete to train harder without suffering the negative consequences of overtraining and injury, therefore reaching peak performance levels sooner.

The improved oxygen enriched blood as a result of using the Therahaler O2 Gold inhaler creates more energy in the muscles which lead to increased performance that helps raise the athletes average power output and improves speed, strength and endurance.

The Therahaler O2Gold inhaler is a Safe, Natural, Non Medicative legal and aproved optimiser for athletes of all ages and sporting disciplines with no known or recorded adverse affects. It is guaranteed for 2 years and compared to other performance enhancement supplements is affordable for athletes at any level of competition costing less than a $ day.

  • Enhanced energy and recovery levels.
  • Lower Heart beat for same effort.
  • Enhanced muscle. bone and nerve repair.
  • Maximises Peak Power Performance levels (13.8% in clinical trials)
  • Improves lung volume  (Reduces hyperventilation.)
  • Improves Stamina and Endurance.
  • Increased overall Fitness
  • Eliminates exercise Induced Asthma 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Simple to Use

The Therahaler O2Gold inhaler is simple to use. If you are an asthmatic and want to use Therahaler O2Gold to help control your asthma then an intensive 8 week regimen of using the inhaler 25 times a day is necessary,. thereafter a normal maintenance program of 2 to 4 times a day is all that is required. The inhaler should be used every half hour or 25 times consecutively allowing for a 2 min break between the end of the day.
This is not a recommendation or invitation to replace or cease using your prescribed asthma inhaler or medication.without first consulting your medical practitioner.

For best results Therahaler O2Gold for sports persons require an initial intensive period of 4 weeks inhaling 25 times per day every half or 25 times consecutively at the end of each day allowing a 2 minute break between inhalations. Thereafter a maintenance program of at least twice a day is sufficient to maintain the benefits.

Therahaler O2Gold is an ideal completely natural Health and Beauty supplement with no known side effects; and can be used by anyone simply wanting to improve their quality of life and experience a renewed vitality, increased energy and numerous other benefits. The initial regimen is the same as for sports persons with an intensive 4 week period of inhaling 25 times per day every 30 minutes or 25 times consecutively at the end of the day allowing for a 2 minute interval between inhalations

As with all medical and exercise requirements Therahaler O2Gold should be used correctly and at the prescribed times to gain the maximum benefit.

Exhale - Breathe Out.
Expel all the old air from your lungs.

Inhale - Breathe in

Take as deep a breath as you can through the Therahaler O2Gold inhaler

Remove the inhaler from your mouth.
Hold your breath for as long as you can allowing the oxygen to permeate your lungs.
Time yourself to see how long you can hold your breath on the first inhalation.

Exhale- Breathe Out.
Record the length of time you were able to hold your breath once a week.
You should see a steady increase in the amount of time you can hold your breath week by week. 

For obvious Health reasons the use of this device should be limited to one person per inhaler, Do not share your inhaler with anyone else. Replace the cap on the inhaler when not in use.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Therahaler 02GOLD Health and Beauty Testimonies

Dear Bryan,
As promised my testimony:

My name is Melissa Birch I am 34 years old and have been using Therahaler O2 Gold since April this year during my 4th pregnancy.  Initially my interest in Therahaler O2 Gold was to try and bring relief to my asthma symptoms which had become increasingly bad during my pregnancy. After using Therahaler O2 Gold for only a short time I began to notice that although I still had to use my asthma medication the side effects of the inhalers were definitely far less.  The longer I used it, the more I felt a marked improvement in my lung capacity - my husband also began to comment on how great my skin and hair was looking and my nails were growing beautifully.

Around the 7 and a half month mark of my pregnancy my asthma had improved to the point that I was no longer needing my asthma inhalers as regularly as I had been.  I also noticed that certain dairy foods that used to cause a mucous build up in me and thus a need for my inhalers no longer had the same affect on me.

Although I had started using Therahaler O2 Gold for my asthma I must say that all the comments from friends and family on how great my skin, hair and nails are looking makes me think that it is worth having Therahaler O2 Gold just for the beauty benefits!

Thanks Bryan for this fantastic product!  


I am a woman of 47 years of age.  Like most woman, I take pride in my appearance.  I run my own business and most of my time is heading projects and dealing with CEO’s and directors of large corporate companies, which means that my appearance is particularly important.

With running a highly demanding and intense business in a typical mans world, as well as taking care of a family of 6 boys, and the normal challenges of life, stress is high on the agenda and, of course, takes its toll.

Although I am an extremely active person, due to stress, I smoked far too much, my diet was unhealthy, and frequently had no appetite. I looked and felt over 60.   My hair became dull, my skin and appearance was grey and drawn.  I had a weight problem.  Weight problems range from overweight to underweight, both conditions are difficult to manage and normally are as a result of bad eating habits.  I had no appetite which meant I could not gain weight, and when I had an appetite, I craved all the wrong foods.

Based on how I felt about myself, I had no desire, nor the strength to consider my health risks.  Last year, my body gave in, and I was hospitalized only to discover that I had 3 major lung diseases, one being a rare and non curable disease.  The surgeon proceeded with emergency surgery to remove large portions of both lungs.  This resulted in more weight loss.  My appearance deteriorated.  I felt, and my family believed that I would not make it past three months based on my appearance.  My confidence dropped daily, and in turn my health did not improve.

Out of the blue, God sent my dear friend and neighbor to chat with me, and recommended a product that he had developed “Therahaler O2  GOLD”.  The program was  over a six week period.  I discussed the suggested treatment with my neurotic family, who felt that I should not be taking any risks other than what was recommended by the specialists, this included the specialists opinion, however, I felt that there would be no harm in trying the program out, since all this item contained was a hole in the middle, and a tiny magnet.  If anything, I believed this would exercise the lungs, and improve my internal conditions.

In the meantime, my family and friends bought and recommended all sorts of vitamins and foods to help improve my condition internally and externally.  They tried to be diplomatic about how I looked, but failed miserably.  This did not help with confidence and I began to ignore everyone, and stopped all forms of supplies since they were expensive and made no difference to how I looked and felt.  The only medication I continued with was what the specialists prescribed and TherahalerO2 Gold.

My body is normally slower to react to medication than most people, so I did not expect any sort of miracles from Therahaler O2 Gold in the short term.  The first week I felt little to no affect, however, what I did notice is that the colour in my finger tips changed from almost purple to white, and my nails were growing, the colour of my lips was less purple.  You may find the above to be a strange statement, but I am a keen gardener, and the type of activities have never allowed for lovely long nails.  I also felt the need to eat more fruits and vegetables (this was not normal).

By the third week, I had gained 5kgs, but not by eating unhealthy foods, by craving all sorts of food the body needed, and junk food was not included in the cravings.

One of my extremely honest sons asked me one day if I was using some sort of miracle cream on my face.  Being a typical woman, I could not see any difference in my complexion, but I definitely noticed that my hair was shining more than usual. 

During the course of the 4th – the 6 th week, all friends and family remarked on my healthy, glowing skin and complexion.  I had colour for the first time in, I am sure, 15 years.  Even I noticed.  I traveled to JHB to spend time with my sisters.  The comments were direct and honest, and they confessed that I looked so bad before they couldn’t look at me and were seriously convinced I was on the way out.  I started gaining my confidence and felt like I was alive for the first time in a long time.  I needed less makeup to hide behind.  Everyone asked after my wonderful hairdresser (I had cut my own hair just before being hospitalized and hadn’t seen a hairdresser for at least a year before this). 

A point to note is that my stress levels has not changed in the least, but increased.  My health condition may never be cured and will most definitely take more that a few months before signs of recovery.  Whilst I was depressed and had no confidence that I will ever recover, my condition was not improving no matter how hard I tried to deal with health realities, and I was still struggling health wise to cope with the result of surgery and after affects of anesthetic, however, I firmly believe that because of my new confidence I have in myself, my health is beginning to improve and I am able to deal with the reality of the diseases I have.  I believe that self appearance and confidence goes hand in hand with health.  This I can honestly say that, amongst other findings, my appearance and complexion\hair condition changes are due to Therahaler O2 GOLD.

I am more than willing to chat to anyone who has concerns or wishes to confirm my statements made.

Thanks Bryan for changing how I feel about myself as a woman.

God Bless

"I have been struggling for 7 years with my breathing and lung capacity. My coach introduced me to Therahaler O2 GOLD, and after only 3 weeks of using it I won the all Africa Triathlon champs in my age group. My breathing was spot on, I felt energised, and I can strongly vouch for this product. Not that I would want my opposition to have one . Ha!Ha! I am now preparing for Ironman- France, and am confident that the Therahaler O2 GOLD will get me to where I want to go."