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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rugby Performance Test using Therahaler O2 Gold

Dr.Craig Roberts tested the effects of Therahaler o2Gold on his 28 man top level Rugby Squad. (8 were given active Therahaler O2Gold)

The squad was subjected to the same fitnes/exercise regimin for 4 weeks and fitness levels were monitored using the internationally recognised Bleep Test Method.The Therahaler O2Gold players showed an improvement of 24.44% in fitness and performance whilst the non O2Gold Players showed an improvement of 14.29% over the 4 week period. 

In this test the Therahaler users showed a 10.74% improvement in fitness levels over the non O2Gold users.

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