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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Rest And Recovery Test on Therahaler O2 Gold

Angus Ryans HBR and Recovery Rate Test   
A pilot trial was conducted by Angus Ryan - a Biokinetisist.

The trialists were selected from a group of athletes with the sane training schedules. The group was split with 30% of the receiving Placebo Devices and 70% Active Therahaler O2 Gold Devices. The instructions werre that the trialists would use the device every 30 minutes whilst awake for 4 weeks while continuing with their normal training regimin. A tandard 15 minute cycle was conducted at the beginning of each trial and again after 4 weeks.

As can be seen from the above the atletes using the Therahaler O2 Gold inhaler experienced better recovery times than the athletes using the inactive placebo 

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