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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Therahaler 02GOLD Health and Beauty Testimonies

Dear Bryan,
As promised my testimony:

My name is Melissa Birch I am 34 years old and have been using Therahaler O2 Gold since April this year during my 4th pregnancy.  Initially my interest in Therahaler O2 Gold was to try and bring relief to my asthma symptoms which had become increasingly bad during my pregnancy. After using Therahaler O2 Gold for only a short time I began to notice that although I still had to use my asthma medication the side effects of the inhalers were definitely far less.  The longer I used it, the more I felt a marked improvement in my lung capacity - my husband also began to comment on how great my skin and hair was looking and my nails were growing beautifully.

Around the 7 and a half month mark of my pregnancy my asthma had improved to the point that I was no longer needing my asthma inhalers as regularly as I had been.  I also noticed that certain dairy foods that used to cause a mucous build up in me and thus a need for my inhalers no longer had the same affect on me.

Although I had started using Therahaler O2 Gold for my asthma I must say that all the comments from friends and family on how great my skin, hair and nails are looking makes me think that it is worth having Therahaler O2 Gold just for the beauty benefits!

Thanks Bryan for this fantastic product!  


I am a woman of 47 years of age.  Like most woman, I take pride in my appearance.  I run my own business and most of my time is heading projects and dealing with CEO’s and directors of large corporate companies, which means that my appearance is particularly important.

With running a highly demanding and intense business in a typical mans world, as well as taking care of a family of 6 boys, and the normal challenges of life, stress is high on the agenda and, of course, takes its toll.

Although I am an extremely active person, due to stress, I smoked far too much, my diet was unhealthy, and frequently had no appetite. I looked and felt over 60.   My hair became dull, my skin and appearance was grey and drawn.  I had a weight problem.  Weight problems range from overweight to underweight, both conditions are difficult to manage and normally are as a result of bad eating habits.  I had no appetite which meant I could not gain weight, and when I had an appetite, I craved all the wrong foods.

Based on how I felt about myself, I had no desire, nor the strength to consider my health risks.  Last year, my body gave in, and I was hospitalized only to discover that I had 3 major lung diseases, one being a rare and non curable disease.  The surgeon proceeded with emergency surgery to remove large portions of both lungs.  This resulted in more weight loss.  My appearance deteriorated.  I felt, and my family believed that I would not make it past three months based on my appearance.  My confidence dropped daily, and in turn my health did not improve.

Out of the blue, God sent my dear friend and neighbor to chat with me, and recommended a product that he had developed “Therahaler O2  GOLD”.  The program was  over a six week period.  I discussed the suggested treatment with my neurotic family, who felt that I should not be taking any risks other than what was recommended by the specialists, this included the specialists opinion, however, I felt that there would be no harm in trying the program out, since all this item contained was a hole in the middle, and a tiny magnet.  If anything, I believed this would exercise the lungs, and improve my internal conditions.

In the meantime, my family and friends bought and recommended all sorts of vitamins and foods to help improve my condition internally and externally.  They tried to be diplomatic about how I looked, but failed miserably.  This did not help with confidence and I began to ignore everyone, and stopped all forms of supplies since they were expensive and made no difference to how I looked and felt.  The only medication I continued with was what the specialists prescribed and TherahalerO2 Gold.

My body is normally slower to react to medication than most people, so I did not expect any sort of miracles from Therahaler O2 Gold in the short term.  The first week I felt little to no affect, however, what I did notice is that the colour in my finger tips changed from almost purple to white, and my nails were growing, the colour of my lips was less purple.  You may find the above to be a strange statement, but I am a keen gardener, and the type of activities have never allowed for lovely long nails.  I also felt the need to eat more fruits and vegetables (this was not normal).

By the third week, I had gained 5kgs, but not by eating unhealthy foods, by craving all sorts of food the body needed, and junk food was not included in the cravings.

One of my extremely honest sons asked me one day if I was using some sort of miracle cream on my face.  Being a typical woman, I could not see any difference in my complexion, but I definitely noticed that my hair was shining more than usual. 

During the course of the 4th – the 6 th week, all friends and family remarked on my healthy, glowing skin and complexion.  I had colour for the first time in, I am sure, 15 years.  Even I noticed.  I traveled to JHB to spend time with my sisters.  The comments were direct and honest, and they confessed that I looked so bad before they couldn’t look at me and were seriously convinced I was on the way out.  I started gaining my confidence and felt like I was alive for the first time in a long time.  I needed less makeup to hide behind.  Everyone asked after my wonderful hairdresser (I had cut my own hair just before being hospitalized and hadn’t seen a hairdresser for at least a year before this). 

A point to note is that my stress levels has not changed in the least, but increased.  My health condition may never be cured and will most definitely take more that a few months before signs of recovery.  Whilst I was depressed and had no confidence that I will ever recover, my condition was not improving no matter how hard I tried to deal with health realities, and I was still struggling health wise to cope with the result of surgery and after affects of anesthetic, however, I firmly believe that because of my new confidence I have in myself, my health is beginning to improve and I am able to deal with the reality of the diseases I have.  I believe that self appearance and confidence goes hand in hand with health.  This I can honestly say that, amongst other findings, my appearance and complexion\hair condition changes are due to Therahaler O2 GOLD.

I am more than willing to chat to anyone who has concerns or wishes to confirm my statements made.

Thanks Bryan for changing how I feel about myself as a woman.

God Bless

"I have been struggling for 7 years with my breathing and lung capacity. My coach introduced me to Therahaler O2 GOLD, and after only 3 weeks of using it I won the all Africa Triathlon champs in my age group. My breathing was spot on, I felt energised, and I can strongly vouch for this product. Not that I would want my opposition to have one . Ha!Ha! I am now preparing for Ironman- France, and am confident that the Therahaler O2 GOLD will get me to where I want to go."

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