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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Saturday, September 25, 2010

O2 GOLD Therahaler is a magnetic breathing device the magnetizes the air when inhaled through the magnetic field in the device. Oxygen being paramagnetic develops a magnetic charge which is drawn into the lungs and and onto the iron binding sites of the hemoglobin. Its magnetic charge is distributed to a number of different molecular and biological systems in the body.
This process accelerates the absorption of the oxygen into the blood stream. The magnetically charged oxygen is pulsed round the body enhancing the efficiency of the:

Nervous system

Cardiovascular System

Musculo-Skeletal systems.

The physical action of using the O2Gold Therahaler creates a definite exercise benefit for the diaphragm and alveoli.
Some of the associated Benefits Include:-

  • Elevated Blood oxygen levels.
  • Improved fitness and performance levels.
  • Improved exercise recovery times.
  • Completely Natural, Non Medicative action.
  • Improvement in all body functions
  • A perfect naturopathic adjunct to many different ailments, including asthma, emphysema, immune system disorders, and circulatory problems.

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