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TheraHaler O2Gold Natural MAGNETIC energy Oxygenation is the "Highway to Vitality". The essential decisive factor in whether we age prematurely, suffer from sensory disorders, disease and lack of energy or whether we experience vitality and good health depends on good micro- circulation. Breathe Better Live Better

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Natural Outer Beauty From Within

Beauty Benefits

Therahaler patent No. 2003/8651 sold as O2Gold
is an exciting new product with proven Beauty, Health and Vitality benefits.

Oxygen is the bodies’ vital life giving element and improved oxygenation results in better fluid distribution:- Therefore

 Improved blood circulation to the entire body- especially the skin

Smoother more radiant skin- younger fresher look.
Improved collagen formation and repair- reduces sagging and aging.
vibrant alive skin tone, clearer, blemish free skin -Slows the aging process.
Re- hydrates the skin more effectively thus reducing wrinkles and fine lines

Shinier better conditioned hair
Strengthens hair and improves overall condition.

Longer, harder, healthier more attractive nails.

Improved toxin removal- reduces dark rings under the eyes.
Improved mobility and flexibility of muscles and cartilage-slows the aging process.

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